Why no satellite signal? How to setup related iGO navi software

Some customer installed our igo map software(igo8, igo primo), but it is not any satellite signal,similar interface as picture;

“AutoDetecting gps receiver and there is no satellite found”

It is because it can not autodetect the related parameters of gps device.

Now we will talk about how to handle it.

Igo is a GPS navigation software released by Nav N Go (now NNG) for PDA/PNA with Wince and Android devices .

Igo 8 and primo has a build in auto detect gps check so it wouldn’t be any problem connecting the device GPS receiver

You you need to give directions to the software core where to look for the receiver and you just need change these parameters as below steps;

1.check the port / baud in the original map software;

Or you check it with below navigation device model:

Asus A639-A696 : Port=5 Baud=4800
SAMSUNG I900 OMNIA port=3 baud=9600 – 57600
Navigon NVG3100 : port=2 baud=4800
Mio Moov 200 : Port=COM2 Baud=57600 Protocol=SIRF
Serioux UPQ475 : port=7 baud=57600
HTC Adventage X7500 : port=4 baud=38400
Mio Spirit 689 deluxe : port=”COM,1″ baud=14400
NavRoad_AURO : port=1 baud=4800
Manta 440ms : port=7 baud=57600
Lark 43.2 : port=0 baud=38400
NAVIO 4301 : port=7 baud=57600
Mio 320B : port=1 baud=57600
HTC Diamond : port=”4″ baud=”9600″
Medion E4430 : baud=”57600″port=”2″
Prestigio RoadScout 5150 : port=7 baud=57600
Goclever Navio 400 : port=1 baud=9600 or port=auto baud=auto
Altina A800 : port=2 baud=4800
Falk F-Series : port=COM2 baud=9600
Goclever GC-3540 : port=7 baud=38400
Modecom MX3 : port=1 baudrate=4800
Mio Moov M610 : port=2 baud=57600
Magellan : port=7 baud=57600
Magellan 5240 LT : port=2 baud=4800
Chinavasion Mobilus CVTD-TR01-2GEN : port=1 baud=4800

2.Connect you GPS navigator to a computer

3.In the root of the Igo Primo, open sys.txt in your map software, update these 2 parameters;

If port = 1 in the original gps device, port=”1″
If baud= 9600 in the original gps device, baud=”9600″

Depending of the GPS manufacturer, the port and baud rate are different !

For example the baud rate can be 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, etc

and the port can be 1,2,3,7, etc. Please do not enter something like port=”COM2″ on port, very few manufacturers use it .

Then, inset SD card into GPS map slot, restart gps device to run igo map software.

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