GPS Navigation Map Update Notification

2023 iGO Car GPS Navigation map update notification

For GPS Navigation map Update Notification, we will supply you the related service as your order, just once a year.
As for detailed updated status, details as below;

North America(updated to 2022.Q2):
Mexico 2022.Q2

Australia & New Zealand (updated to 2023.Q2)

Europe (updated to 2023.Q2):
UK& Ireland
Other Europe

Middle East (2022 Q4):

Southeast Asia (2023 Q2):

South America:2022.Q2

Centra America:

Africa(2023 Q2):

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7 thoughts on “GPS Navigation Map Update Notification

  1. Ross Larsen says:

    Do you have new link to map updates?
    I purchased a 5 year subscription in 2020 but have not received links to updates and the link in the original email you sent me does not work anymore.

  2. Pine Pienaar says:

    I Forward a mail on the 31 November 2022 regarding the map updates for Africa but did not receive any feed back I purchased a 5 year subscription

  3. says:

    Hello Our Valued Customers!

    Our new, updated version of Australia & New Zealand map is finally up and running!

    2023 IGO map for Australia and New Zealand(2022.Q4_230102)

    Send email to us to get update.

    LoCi Car Electrics

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