GPS Navigation Map Update Notification

GPS Navigation map software update notification

For GPS Navigation map Update Notification, we will supply you the related service as your order, just once a year.
As for detailed updated status, details as below;

North America(updated to 2022.Q2):
Mexico 2022.Q2

Australia & New Zealand (updated to 2023.Q2)

Europe (updated to 2023.Q4):
UK& Ireland
Other Europe

Middle East (2022 Q4):

Southeast Asia (2023 Q4):

South America:2022.Q2

Centra America:

Africa(2023 Q2):

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7 thoughts on “GPS Navigation Map Update Notification

  1. Ross Larsen says:

    Do you have new link to map updates?
    I purchased a 5 year subscription in 2020 but have not received links to updates and the link in the original email you sent me does not work anymore.

  2. Pine Pienaar says:

    I Forward a mail on the 31 November 2022 regarding the map updates for Africa but did not receive any feed back I purchased a 5 year subscription

  3. says:

    Hello Our Valued Customers!

    Our new, updated version of Australia & New Zealand map is finally up and running!

    2023 IGO map for Australia and New Zealand(2022.Q4_230102)

    Send email to us to get update.

    LoCi Car Electrics

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