How To Update IGO Primo Maps On Car Navigation?

update igo primo navigation map software

This is a common question of how to update igo maps on car navigation. Most aftermarket car navigation comes with igo navigation maps already installed, so you may need to update the igo primo maps after a year.

igo navigation maps software

How to upate igo maps on car navigation head unit?

Updating igo maps is very simple, newer map files are located in content folder, including building, map, poi, speedcam and other folders. The new igo maps should have at least 3 folders, building, map and poi. The most important igo navigation update file is the .fbl file in the map folder.

Firstly check what files or folders you have for new igo maps in your igo navigation sd card or the internal storage of your head unit. If there are only below folders:

building, map, poi, phoneme, speedcam

Then you just need to delete all files in the same folder from your old maps.

then copy new ones into the same directory, that’s all.
Of course, if there are other new files you can also replace the old ones with them.

update igo navigation maps on car navigation


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