How To Install IGO Primo Map On Car Navigation?

Navigation map for wince android

This is a common question of how to install igo maps on car navigation. While if your car navigation doesn’t have any maps installed, you will need to install igo offline maps or use google online maps.

Here, for igo navigation maps for car device, we’ d like to show how to install igo primo maps on car navigation?

Well, it depends on which system does your navigation use, a couple of years ago, the windows CE system is widely used for aftermarket car navigation. Nowadays, most aftermarket car navigation head units installed with Android system. Android 7.1, Android 8.0, even Android 9.0, and some old devices still use the Android 4.4 system.
Installation is different for car navigation with different operation systems.

Install igo primo maps on Windows CE system navigation

This is easier than android system,
1.just need to copy the entire igo or primo folder into an empty micro SD card;
2.then set GPS path in settings of the windows CE navigation unit;
3.the final path should be igo.exe or primo.exe, save the settings;
4.Then you should be able to enter into navigation system.

Install igo maps on Android system navigation
The old igo maps for Android 7.1 or lower system can be installed in the SD card, but it’s better installing the newer version like 2020 or 2021 igo maps for Android in the internal memory of the car navigation. Especially for Android 8.0+ car navigation, igo maps can only be used in the internal memory of the navigation unit.

For installation igo, you can follow these steps.

1. Download latest igo maps, copy them into the internal memory of your car Android navigation(root directory is ok).

2. Click apkinstaller app, install, internal memory(Flash), igo, click igo apk to start installing, the rest steps are just the same as you install any other apps in your android phone.

If your navigation device does not have apk installer app, you can still click internal storage/igo folder, click igo navigation software of igo.apk, so you can manually install it easily.

That’s all. Start up igo or igo primo and you should see the loading screen, then you can do the initial set up, click finish then you are able to test it.

After installing on an Android car head unit, the new software will create a new screen icon, browse all app screens to find the new icon then drag and drop it onto the home screen. You may need to delete any previous Navigation icons that will no longer be used. Launch iGO Navigation and the initial set up wizard should start, when set up is finished, a map screen showing your location will appear, this confirms installation is successful and complete. All done !

If you need car navigation software, please visit this link: Car navigation map software for android or Wince system.

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